Wednesday Wants Surf Gear 4-18

Oceanside Surfboard Graveyard T Shirt
Steve Sherman is well known for his iconic photography as well as his passion for surfing and art. He has recently begun a project to make his legendary imagery wearable in the form of limited edition, hand made t-shirts created with all the love and passion he puts in to every photo he takes and every wave he catches. With images ranging from Andy Irons with his arms raised in preacher mode, to Kelly Slater’s double flip off, to ghetto fabulous “White Boy No Rhythm” graffiti photo—each shirt is a piece of surf/skate history. It helps that cool kids like Kelly Slater, Taylor Knox, Eddie Vedder, and Occy are always repping T-Sherms, but guess what, Sherm is no elitist—anyone can get a T-Sherm shirt, you just have to know where to find them. Start by looking for Sherms car in the Seaside parking lot to buy one from Sherm himself, or go to UNIV (Encinitas, CA) or Surf Ride (Solana Beach, CA)—you could get lucky at one of those spots too.—CC


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