Wednesday Wants Surf Gear 4-18

Roshe Run
It’s not often that I get excited about a running shoe—I’m much more likely to froth out on a skate kick or vintage boot, but the new Nike Roshe Run has got the hidden sneaker head in me psyching. I actually first saw these shoes while on a tour at the Nike campus a few months back, my friend, Dylan, the shoe’s designer gave me a sneak peak and after trying three times to steal the samples, I relented and made him promise to get me a set from the first run of production shoes. Well, I got them, I wear them every damn day, I could sleep in them (they’re that comfortable) and I don’t even have to beg for free one’s because they were designed to be affordable for the entire human race. Zen embodied in a pair of shoes? Wonderful concept, amazing execution—Roshe Run is my vote for best shoe ever.—CC


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