‘Wednesday Wants’ Surf Gear 4-11

Anthony Marcotti Kandui Resort

Anthony Marcotti last week in the Mentawais. This was barrel #5 of 6 on just this one wave. Photo courtesy Kandui Resort.

Ten Days At Kandui Resort
Located smack dab in the middle of the Mentawais, Kandui Resort just had an epic run of swell, and one of the owners, Anthony Marcotti, got the wave of his life (above) after dozens of trips to the Ments. The place is simply amazing and worth every one of your hard earned pennies. The trips come in ten-day blocks, giving you a good shot at at least one swell while you’re there. While the resort is pretty much booked for the next couple of months, you never know, spots open up from time to time. With a ton of world class spots a quick boat ride away, Kandui Resort is a must do at least once in your life.—JC
$290 per day (high season rate)

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