‘Wednesday Wants’ Surf Gear 4-11

Andrew Doheny Surfboard
Andrew “Droid” Doheny Hand Shaped Surfboard
I can’t really call this a “Wednesday Want”, ‘cause I already have it. But I can say that I want another one. Andrew Doheny is one of my favorite surfers and humans. He shaped this board for me a while back when he first started shaping boards. He must have thought I was fatter than I am cause it’s pretty bulky, but like me, bulky is beautiful. Anyway, I still owe Andrew $200 bucks for this one, but I want another one already. Maybe I could send him my sponsor-me tape and get on a trade-in program? Either way, Droid’s hand shapes are looking amazing, I want one…another one.—CC
$Ask Droid

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