Introducing The 2012 Travel Issue

TransWorld SURF Travel IssueIntroducing The 2012 Travel Issue
Sometimes pro surfers don’t score the trip’s best photo. Instead, a stoked young kid on a plank does—by exemplifying all of the reasons we started surfing in one single moment. Photo by Brad Masters.

We caught up with Brad as he was dashing through the Perth airport en route to Bali, the place he calls home.

TransWorld SURF: So Brad, how did this photo come about?

Brad Masters: We’d been surfing all morning and we’re driving back along the coast to where we were going to camp when I saw a bunch of kids playing in the water on these little boards. The guys were surfed out so I just went out and joined them for some fun. It was just a little reef pass, and I stayed out there for about an hour and a half shooting photos of the kids. Stoked! That’s two covers for WA guys in the last two months!

While we’re not going to disclose the exact location of the trip, it’s safe to say the boys scored somewhere in the South Pacific…

2012 Travel Issue Preview Filmed And Edited By Julian Mascuilli.

Also in this issue:

We sent Ian Walsh and Perth Standlick on a search for surf in the unlikeliest of places—the Balkan peninsula’s caviar rich waters.

Timmy Turner and Ian Battrick seek and score icy peaks along the wind-ravaged Nordic Coast.

South Pacific
Mikala Jones, Dede Suryana, and previously mentioned photographer Brad Masters cash in on a hunch and a gamble—and prove that magical, untouched places still exist.

Eight dudes spent twelve days looking for new waves and stumbled upon voluptuous babes somewhere in the Caribbean. Prepare to be jealous.

Nate Tyler
Nate has stickers on his boards and goes on photo trips, but every other aspect of his life goes against the grain.

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