Quivers: Scotty Stopnik’s Garage Nightmare

Scott Stopnik

Scott Stopnik's eclectic quiver. Photo: Checkwood

Quivers: Scotty Stopnik’s Garage Nightmare

“This is 1/16th of all the crap that’s in my garage,” Scotty Stopnik (boards left to right)

Taxidermy Animals
In this photo I have two game hens, a small mallard, a small duckling, and a mongoose. The mongoose is a super rare one because you’d probably go to state pen for a few years if you killed a mongoose in Huntington Beach. I’ve gotten really into collecting because taxidermy art is really hard to do right.

1965 Harley Sportster
I’ve got nine bikes in my garage. This is a 1965 Harley Sportster chopper bought last month from the original owner who was a cop in Chicago. Everything’s original. The best thing about it is the cigarette lighter between the handlebar; if you’re a badass you can slam someone’s head on it after you beat them up, or if you’re a pussy I guess you can charge your iPhone.

1976 Chevy 10 Shorty van
I bought this van out in the desert from this guy who was sorta a pansy. It has a 350 small block Chevy motor and the dude probably never did a burn out in it. My kid was conceived in this van. You know, “When the van’s a rocking don’t come a knocking” kind of deal. Vans are rad.

9’6” x 2 3/4” Riddler model by Tyler Hatzikian
This is a copy of a ’60s Jacobs 422 model. It’s a really good noserider and has six-and-a-half feet of concave through the nose. It’s my longboard of choice and meant to be ridden like a true log. You could eat a ham sandwich on the nose.

1970s 6’9” x 17 3/4” x 3” Dewey Weber pintail semi gun
This thing sucks. And then it became the best board ever last week. Whenever it’s hollow, it’s fun riding it. I actually brought it to Indo, surfed four-foot overhead Greenbush on it and I could take off really deep and come out on some big ones.

5’6” x 21” x 2 3/8” Jimmy Hines Twin fin fish
This thing is fast and furious. It rides like an ’80s skateboard with some burly wheels.

5’6” x 18 1/4” x 2” Trash Can Diver
It’s black, short, and hard… It’s basically just a Dumpster Diver painted black. It was given to me, but works super well. Easy to pop airs on and you still got the response of the three fin setup.