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North Face Tent
North Face Asylum Bivy
The North Face Asylum Bivy is the ultimate travel companion—a must have for anyone that spends time on the road. Whether camping in the jungle or posting up for a day (or night) on the beach; this compact, easy to use one man tent is always worth packing. Just ask Bivy backer Ben Bourgeois: “I’m pumped on my little bivy! It’s the ultimate traveling tent—you can go anywhere with it. Its crazy; it folds up small into a pack that you can throw into your boardbag or backpack; and boom you’ve got a place to sleep! Ill definitely bring it with me everywhere I go. It sleeps one person with enough space above your head for a reading light and storage of a backpack—and it’s completely waterproof and only requires two poles to set up. Too easy.”—ZM


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