School Of Hard Knox Training Camp

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Taylor Knox ‘School Of Hard Knox’ Training Camp

Last week at Ponto jetty in Carlsbad, CA., World Tour veteran and Carlsbad resident Taylor Knox put on a power surfing clinic for kids from two local high school surf teams. Despite his nickname, Bonehead, nobody is more qualified in passing along knowledge in the art of power surfing than Mr. Knox—he basically built a career using the rail of his surfboard as opposed to flying through the air.

The event was organized by Dragon and attended by members of the surf teams from San Dieguito Academy and Carlsbad High (Taylor’s alma mater). “I really enjoy helping the kids out whenever I can,” said Knox. “I grew up idolizing guys like Tom Curren and Mark Occhilupo and I can’t wait to impart some of their technique to the kids.”

With full rail turns in mind, Taylor and his buddy/trainer Paul Hinnecker got the kids lined up on the beach (no easy task) and straight into a stretching routine that was meant to loosen up muscles and prep them for power surfing. Kids being kids, there were some sophomoric laughs when they were instructed to “clinch your butt muscles,” but they were pretty into it and followed the lead set forth by Hinnecker and T. Knox.

After body positioning pointers from Taylor, the kids were warmed up and ready to rip the waist high Ponto peaks. “Learn the fundamentals. Those things on the side of your board are rails—use them!” yelled coach Knox as the kids paddled out in groups of ten. “No airs!” he added, “you can teach me those later!”

As the kids tore up the surf, Taylor took notes on each surfer and passed them along to the respective coaches from each team. “I wouldn’t be standing here today if it weren’t for all this,” said Taylor referring to the stretching and fitness routine he put the kids through.

As you can see from the photos and video above, the kids did their best to put Taylor’s words to use. And while there was the occasional air (hence the whistle in the video), thanks to Taylor Knox, there’s a new crop of kids coming out of SoCal who are going to be throwing chunks and burying rails instead of doing chop hops and “credit card” airs. Well done Coach Knox!