Ozmageddon 2012: Behind The Scenes At The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Ozmageddon Day 3
The Quik Pro Gold Coast ran for the third day in a row and we didn’t get up to much besides a super fun midday surf at Duranbah, a few beers at the Rainbow Bay Surf Club, and a lot of people watching.

Dbah has got to be one of the funnest, most rippable waves on the planet. Today was head high and absolutely smashable. We surfed next to the jetty, or, “off the wall” as they call it here. Because the swell is really short interval right now the waves are close together and consistent making for tough paddle outs, but Dbah has a rip current that runs along the jetty so if you’re right there you barely have to paddle to make it out. Basically you can rip the guts out of a right, veer toward the jetty at the end of the wave, and let the rip current do the work for you. Like I said, funnest wave ever!

It looks like the surf is going to drop off in the next few days so we’re finally going to use the rental car that’s been sitting idly for the past few days and make a run down the coast. There are rumors of a Donovan Frankenreiter show at a certain lover of ceteceans house down south so prepare for some super cosmic and groovy blog updates…

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