Ozmageddon 2012: Behind The Scenes At The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

OZMAGEDDON 2012: Behind The Scenes At The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

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A packed house at Komune celebrates the release of Dusty Payne's signature shades from Electric.

Day 6? Update
With a flat spell and bad winds plaguing the Gold Coast, last night was the perfect storm of debauchery as we celebrated the release of Dusty Payne’s signature sunglass from Electric Visual. The party was held at Komune, the epicenter of fun here in Coolangatta. We attempted to do a video pre-roll of Dusty introducing the party but it was an epic fail—he’s much smoother in the water than when you train a video camera on him. With beautiful girls gracing the dance floor and drinks flowing freely, a wonderful night was had by all—this morning could be another story though.

On the docket today is a trip to JS Industries HQ down the road, a surf on a longboard, and a footy game with Mick Fanning and the Creatures Of Leisure boys. We’re hoping to spot some bogans at the footy game and get some “How To Bogan” tips from ‘em. While I have no idea how a footy game is played it sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon…

It sounds like the Quik Pro is going to run Saturday and Sunday in pretty crap conditions at Duranbah or small Snapper. The matchups are good though so we’re frothing to see it go down. Stay tuned…

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