Surfing Is A Crime…In Chicago

Surfing Is A Crime…In Chicago

Chicago surfer Rex Flodstrom sentenced to community service after being arrested for surfing a closed Lake Michigan beach.

In a case that rallied the surf community, 40-year old Rex Flodstrom was just ordered to perform 20 hours of community service as a result of his arrest for disorderly conduct after he was busted for surfing Oak Street Beach in Chicago while it was closed for the winter. According to the report below, Flodstrom was going to fight the charges but settled for community service saying, “My mom would be upset,” with a misdemeanor on his record.

Mama’s boy or not, it’s our opinion that, barring a safety hazard, surfers should be able to get into the water wherever and whenever the hell we want! It’s this little thing called “freedom” that we have here in the United States.

To his credit, Rex didn’t fault the arresting officers, they were just doing their jobs and thought that he was in trouble when the came to his “rescue.” After he performs his community service, the charges against Rex will be dropped and he’ll be free to rip in peace. “Surfing’s not a crime and all beaches and all waves should be accessible to all people,” he told the local media after his court appearance. Read more at

Rex Flodstrom

Renegade surfer Rex Flodstrom outside the courtroom after being sentenced to community service. Photo courtesy CBS.