Behind The Cover Of The April 2012 Issue Of TransWorld SURF

TransWorld SURF April 2012 Preview
Behind The Cover Of The April 2012 Issue Of TransWorld SURF

Damien “Dom” Wills, Off The Wall
Every surfer who’s ever ventured out in to waves of consequence knows the feeling. You’re waiting for a set, your heart is pounding, your muscles are tensed, your hands grasp the rails of your board intensely. Then you see them. Multiple mounds of water rising in the distance. It’s the hardest decision you’ll ever have to make. Do you scramble toward the horizon and hope to get over them? Do you paddle in and pray to God they don’t break on your head? Do you freeze in panic? Or do you do what Dom Wills does and paddle over the first one, hoping the next one will be bigger and badder? The decision is yours.
Photo: Aaron “It only took him 12 years to get a cover of TransWorld SURF” Checkwood.

April 2012 Features:

Joyfully Barbaric
: The North Shore

The story of this December on the North Shore of Oahu as illustrated through the lenses of the world’s best photo team and three very different perspectives.

Closed Doors: Justin Jay’s Rare View Of The North Shore
What the hell is Puff Daddy’s personal photographer doing shooting intimate photos of the world’s most interesting surfers in the lesser-visited haunts of Oahu’s North Shore?

The 2012 Surfrider Issue
Hey, all you Earth-killing sons of bitches, it’s time to step up and do something!

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