The 2011 TransWorld SURF Awards

The 2011 TransWorld SURFer Of The Year: John John Florence
John John’s year was spectacular. From multiple magazine covers and features to f—king amazing video performances in Lost Atlas, Get’n Classic, Surprise Excitement Party!, as well as an endless flow of web-clip gold. John John absolutely killed the freesurf scene on page and screen, but that wasn’t enough for a guy so good they had to name him twice—he went ahead and qualified for the World Tour and won the Vans Triple Crown. Oh yeah, he did most of this after breaking his back early in the year.

John John’s skate-style surfing has always been a fan favorite, but in the last few years, JJ has gotten stronger, bigger, and added explosiveness to his surfing that is without rival. He’s got pop. He has a style suited as much for a skatepark as for a wave, and shit, he’s Dane Reynolds’ favorite surfer! The scary part is that John John is still a teenager, so it’s pretty amazing to think that we’ve all watched him grow up and become the surfer he is today, and we’ll keep watching ‘cause JJ is only getting better.

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