February 2012 TransWorld SURF Issue Preview

Dane Gudauskas TransWorld SURF

Dane Gudauskas on the February 2012 cover of TransWorld SURF. Photo: Damea Dorsey

Behind The Cover: Dane Gudauskas’ Portuguese Pit
Normally, we keep our cover image a secret until the magazine is shipped and printed—as it’s impossible to predict what last-minute banger might come across our computer screens in the final hour. For this issue, we deviated from normal procedure and unveiled a rough mock-up of page one to this month’s cover boy Dane Gudauskas—as well as brothers Pat and Tanner, a week before this issue was finished.

You see, the Gudangs had just returned from a month in Europe with TransWorld SURF senior photographer Damea Dorsey, where they nailed a hodgepodge of golden images for our feature starting on page [01], and we wanted to show the boys a preview of their hard work—and in the process surprise Dane with his first TransWorld SURF cover.

“I’m baffled! That’s so f—king sick!” said an extra frothy Dane, when he first laid eyes on the image of him in this throaty left tube in Portugal with the TWS magazine logo up top. “That was right next to the contest [Rip Curl Pro Portugal], and it was a magical day. It’s funny, this guy paddled out on a boogie board, and it looked like his first day in the ocean. I was paddling for this wave, and it was kind of ledgy—and the boogie guy took off in the lip and went fully over me as I pulled into this barrel.”

Of course, the mock-up was met with high fives and support from Pat and Tanner, who couldn’t have been any more excited for their brother. Dane said, “It looks like blown glass, right? So green in there. I think Damea went over the falls on this one—I’m just glad I made it through that section. I’m speechless! We stayed in Portugal for two swells after this one, and it was never that good again—so stoked to get that wave.”

Above: Dane Gudauskas’ surprise cover unveiling at TransWorld SURF headquarters and a look at the article from Europe; La Verite. Heaving beachbreaks, bottomless bottles of red wine, and topless women—surf heaven in Europe!

FAQ: Matt Wilkinson
We sat down with the World Tour’s loosest man, and shit got weird. “It all got more and more f—ked up and ended up with her shitting a chorizo onto my chest.” Yes, it did.

Baja By Boat
You may grow some hair on your sack after experiencing this tale of fish killing and wave ripping down the Baja coast. Featuring Dave Wassel, Hank Gaskell, and Cheyne Magnusson.

Editor’s Note—Kelly’s got 11, anyone else want a turn?
Letters—Less hate this month, same scintillating replies.
True Stories—A crazy cougar is on the loose in Florida.
Currents—Biggest wave ever ridden?!
Mess And Noise—Random bits from the surf world.
Ask The Expert—Guys wear helmets at the Mega Ramp, why not at Pipe?
How To—Frontside no-grab air with Chippa.
Quivers—Dylan Graves’ eclectic sleds.
Go There—Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Check Out—Ian Crane.
Departure—An A.I. tribute, one year later.
Last Words—Ozzie Wright. Or Wrong.

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