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December 3rd, 2011

Morning surf check at Rockies with 2011 Vans Triple Crown Rookie of the year Evan Geiselman.

12:30 PM

After yesterday evenings surf out at heavy, unforgiving Backdoor and OTW—today’s mortal size swell has most waves along the seven mile miracle appetizing to the masses, i.e, everyone that was more comfortable spectating from the sand than risking life in the ocean yesterday. Out at Rocky Point, both the right and left are doing their thing, and thanks to a strong current the usual shoulder to shoulder December crowd stayed manageable all morning.

Reef McIntosh on the wave of the far. Photo: Dorsey

Reef McIntosh on the wave of the far. Photo: Dorsey

But enough about today’s surf for now, check out a preview of Reef McIntosh’s OTW screamer (above) as shot by TransWorld SURF Senior photographer Damea Dorsey. The ‘best ever’ claim gets thrown around quite often in the surf world, but we feel confident claiming this particular slab should at least be mentioned in the conversation regarding some of OTW’s greatest rides. Best of all, TransWorld’s own Brent Bielmann risked life swimming when this ride went down, and all indications are that his angle is mental. You’ll have to wait for an upcoming issue to see the shot in print. I’m sure all you Charger fans are particularly happy with Reef’s choice in trunks—but even bagging the wave of the year in Charger gear isn’t going to be enough to beat the Jaguars in the 2011 ‘struggle bowl’ this Monday Night! (Sorry Reef)

3:30 PM

(Above) Check the clips from this morning’s Rocky Point shred fest!

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