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Above: Reef McIntosh breaks down his Off The Wall bomb caught a few days ago…
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Audi team rider Reef McIntosh washes his North Shore beater. Photo: JC

December 4
We went to the Turtle Bay last night for the annual “North Shore Film Festival” to watch the Imaginarium videos, Blow Up by Billabong, and our very own Surprise Excitement Party. The highlight of my night was meeting Larry Bertlemann—when we were kids we’d imitate his laybacks on our skateboards. He was cruising with fellow 70s star Rory Russell and Chris and Bobby Owens. That’s one of the coolest things about the North Shore—you can run into people you grew up idolizing at any moment.

Earlier in the evening Dave Wassel came by the house to say hi after finishing his shift at the Ehukai lifeguard tower. According to Wassel we should be seeing some good sized surf in the next week or so, “All this sand you see now is gonna get washed away, so get your bodysurfing in now.”

After an epic bodysurf session, we hit the bike path to visit some friends. First stop was the Quiksilver house where Reef McIntosh told us about his Off The Wall bomb from a couple days ago. Reef’s a legend and wouldn’t dare go as far as saying “Wave Of The Winter” but he did fess up to it being the “wave of the day.” After checking in at the Quik house we rode down to Mikala Jones’ pad to check Rockies. The waves were looking rideable but we just kicked back in his beachfront yard and caught up with Sean Moody, Flynn Novak, and friends.

Aside from crusing the bike path, everyone’s doing touristy kind of stuff today; jumping off the rocks at Waimea, snorkeling Shark’s Cove, and going in to Honolulu for a Femme Nu run—maybe we’ll get a photo from there for the blog!

9:00 PM

It might be flat, but really, is anyone complaining?

It might be flat—but an evening spent sipping a Turtle Bay Mai Tai is enough to make you forget about surfing at all. This is paradise after all: Waves or not, you just have to soak it all in.

Groms attack Podium Raceway!

Besides: When the surf is small, it provides everyone the opportunity to partake in other adventures, which is exactly what Gabe Kling and I did tonight when we visited the Podium Raceway for Reef Tsutsui’s birthday party at the indoor racetrack in Kapolei, about 40 minutes from the North Shore. If you’re ever on Oahu, it’s somewhere you have to check out. Trust us, it’s harder than it looks, and well worth the drive. Gabe and I were both lapped by 10 year old groms who are still half a decade from getting a drivers license. Needless to say, we need some practice.

Lets go racing!

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