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Monday afternoon on the North Shore...wish you were here! Photo: Checky

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Pipeline Comes To Life
The swell came up so fast today! You always hear about how the fast the waves can pick up in Hawaii and today we saw just that. Yesterday was nearly flat, this morning was just overhead, and this afternoon it’s double overhead. I just watched the surf at Pipe and while it wasn’t very good (still too much sand on the reef) it’s always entertaining. I saw Tamayo Perry after he got out o the water and he said he got some good ones before it got too packed. There weren’t too many barrels when I was watching but a few valiant attempts. Even though it’s not that great it’s good to see some swell out there.

Between a shindig at one of the Vans houses, Monday Night Football, and a visit to the Oakley house at Off The Wall we kind tied one on last night. The party at Vans was in celebration of their new line of trunks and was attended by the Guduaskas bros, the Florence bros, Leila Hurst, Dylan Graves and more. The trunks are pretty sick too, I got handed a pair that was designed by Dylan Graves and plan to rock them soon here. At the Oakley house we hung out with Dustin Barca, Rico Jiminez, Brent Dorrington, Sage Erickson, and a bunch of other heads before weaving back to the house on bikes.

Tonight is the Surfer Poll at Turtle Bay and just about everyone on the North Shore is looking to go. They gave out 600 tickets but inevitably there will be party crashers. I went last year and it was fun but kind of a zoo. Hopefully our movie, Surprise Excitement Party, wins an award for “Best Wipeout.” We’ll let ya know…—JC

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