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Parker Coffin and smoking hot friends…how do you it Pork Chop? Photo: CC

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December 7 aka Pearl Harbor Day
After skipping the Surfer Poll, or “Slurper Poll” as some are calling it, it feels really good to not be hung over today. By all accounts the show was loads of fun so despite “ER” being the competition I can’t write it off. Kelly won for the millionth time, John John got a well-deserved award for “Breakthrough Performer” and Carissa Moore won the women’s side of things.

Had a fun surf this morning at Rocky Point with the bruddas from Hana. Hank Gaskell, Ola and Makena Eleogram, and Dege O’Connell were slicing and dicing through Rocky Rights like it was a day back home on the Eastside of Maui, “It’s going off out!” said Ola who almost paddled out without screwing in his fins. The surf was overhead and coming from a good direction but the wind was pretty strong which made for some interesting takeoffs. Hank in particular had one which he took off super late, slid out in the barrel, and slapped his head against the water. Ola and the guys thought it was hysterical—I thought it looked really painful!

According to reports (I guess I could peddle down there in three minutes but I’m too lazy) there are some good ones at Pipe and Backdoor but it’s a bit slow. Still, our photographer buddy Spencer just came in and said he got cleaned up pretty bad while shooting Backdoor from the water. You don’t think about the photographers much out there but just like the surfers, they’re putting it all on the line every time they swim out.

It sounds like the Pipe Masters will run tomorrow if the waves aren’t too big. As of right now, it’s perfectly contestable but a significant bump in the swell predicted for this evening could change that in a hurry. For up to the minute reports regarding the contest follow us on Twitter, and yes, I’ll make sure to tweet photos of the best bikinis on the beach.—JC

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