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Vans Triple Crown Director Marty Thomas shows the Gudang boys a proper swing. Photo: Nelly/SPL

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The Pipe Masters Fires Up In Treacherous 3rd Reef Conditions
Wednesday was one of the first real Pipeline days here on the North Shore (see the video above) and today dawned even bigger and more dangerous. Waves breaking on the 3rd reef were sweeping through the lineup leaving a trail of boards and bodies in their wake. Gnarly shit.

We’ve been watching day 1 of the Pipe Masters and so far my MVP of the day has got to be Marcus Hickman. The burly Hawaiian was in the first heat of the day and was bale to manhandle Pipe while others just got handled. Impressive stuff from Marcus.

While the majority of the North Shore was focused on Pipe yesterday, the annual Vans golf tournament went down up at Turtle Bay. It’s always a fun time but there was no way I was going to be dragged away from the beach, check the photos in the gallery above though. The usual golf fiends like Kelly Slater, Benji Weatherely, and Sean Moody played well while others like the Gudauskas chased more balls than they hit.

Marcus Hickman

Marcus Hickman contemplates the crazy paddle as Stephen Koehne drains the water out of his noggin. Photo: JC

Anyway, gotta get back to the beach, we’ll have the full Pipe Masters day 1 report soon…

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