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Ian Walsh

Ian Walsh preps for his heat while 3-Time Pipeline Master Tom Carroll throws a shaka for the camera. Tommy Gun is the man! Photo: JC

Friday Update From The North Shore
There’s been a slight drop in the swell but that doesn’t mean it’s less deadly, it’s actually just as heavy as the waves at Pipeline are focusing all of their energy on the first reef. I watched a few heats from the Quiksilver house and once again, John John put on a clinic in how to surf gnarly Pipeline. Hanging out at the house was like a who’s who of the pecking order at Pipeline; Kala Alexander, Reef McIntosh, Mark Healey, Danny Fuller, Ian Walsh, and the list goes on.


Pipeline roars on day 2 of the Billabong Pipe Masters. Photo: JC

A few of the TWS crew are headed home today, including our new buddy Anders who won the New Era Trading Card contest. The kid had the time of his life and got to see massive Pipeline, partied with the pros, and got some great waves at Log Cabins, Backdoor, and Rocky Point. He’ll be flying home with a huge grin on his face and memories that will last a lifetime. Great to hang with you Anders!


People really win these contest we have! New Era Trading Card contest winner Anders Cochran from Santa Cruz. Photo: JC


Beach Football

The beach football action in front of the TWS house... Photo: Dirt

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