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Pipeline Getting Ready To Roar To Life

Although Oahu’s North Shore surf season is in full swing, it hasn’t really started. Not just yet. Not without a Pipeline sighting.

The swell that kicked off (and maxed out) the O’Neill World Cup at Sunset on Sunday, though massive, was too north for Pipe—and considering the last west swell to grace the North Shore (the direction for proper Pipe) was back in late spring, the craggy reef is still packed with six months of summer sand. And so we wait, with smallish (but still plenty fun) mixed up Rocky Point to hold us all over in the meantime.

North Carolina charger Brett Barley, 'waiting' at Rockies. Photo: Stafford/SPL

Personally, I love the waiting. In 10 years of visiting this amazing island every December—waiting has always meant days surfing fun, non life threatening Rocky Point, slow mornings, mellow surf checks, beach days, and afternoon beers. A Sunday spent waiting is always the best: What is better than a morning watching NFL football and drinking Bloodys at Breaker’s in Haleiwa?

Well Pipeline, of course. Especially if you ask the Mark Healey’s, Kalani Chapman’s, and Reef McIntosh’s of the world. These guys (among many others) will pick scratching into one solid Pipe screamer over, well, just about anything else in this world and they can’t wait much longer to get another opportunity. A half-year is too long; everyone is ready for this prolonged slumber to end. And fortunately, the end looks to be forthcoming. If everything goes as forecasted—a new, favorable Pipe swell is set to arrive as soon as Thursday—one day away, with yet another swell right on its heels.

And with it, the official start to winter is near. Check back daily, we’ll keep you updated on all North Shore happenings right here.—Zander Morton

Gabe Kling tried hard, but was ultimately unsuccessful in his quest to knock a coconut from this palm tree with a football. Photo: Ricciotti

Another beautiful North Shore sunset, does it get any better than this?



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