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December 1st, 2011
The first day of December dawned to the sight of this winter’s largest NW swell—but unfortunately, a stiff North wind is tattering the ocean, rendering just about every wave, except Sunset Beach, marginally surfable.

Damien Hobgood, running for his life this morning. Photo: Stafford/SPL

Way out in the shifting, unpredictable peaks at Sunset, the waves are far from tame. In fact, it’s about as scary as the place gets—with rogue west peaks and closeout sets steamrolling through the lineup, and at times, the channel as well; sending the O’Neill World Cup competitors, board caddies, and jet-ski’s scratching for the horizon every 10 minutes.

When the wave breaks here, don't be there. Photo: Stafford/SPL

Watching from the safety of the beach, I felt for everyone that entered the lineup. Twice I’ve caddied for Gabe Kling in conditions like these, and both times it was a humbling experience. The first year, in 2007, Gabe broke his leash bailing under a 10-foot closeout (which sent me on a hectic swim to the beach after giving him his backup) and the second time—two years later in 2009, the event was cancelled following Gabe’s heat when Sunset maxed out to the point that even seasoned Sunset vets like Sunny Garcia struggled to get safely to shore in the horrendous, out-of-control surf. After both bouts resulted in a loss for Gabe, I forever surrendered my role as a caddy.

In the last five minutes of his heat, Dane Gudauskas somehow found two scores to jump from fourth to first and win his round of 64 heat. Photo: Stafford/SPL

In the 9th heat of the round of 64, Dane Gudauskas battled a series of 10-foot closeout sets and managed to scrap together two scoring rides and take the win—and upon returning to the house (where a crew of us were watching) we unveiled to Dane the brand new February 2012 issue of TransWorld Surf, with an image of him screaming through a drainer in Portugal on the coveted front cover.

Think this guy is frothing?

“I’m baffled! That’s so f—king sick!” said an extra frothy Dane, when he first laid eyes on the cover. “That was right next to the contest [Rip Curl Pro Portugal], and it was a magical day. It’s funny, this guy paddled out on a boogieboard and it looked like his first day in the ocean. I was paddling for this wave and it was kind of ledgey—and the boogie guy took off in the lip and went fully over me as I pulled into this barrel. I’m speechless! We stayed in Portugal for two swells after this one and it was never that good again—so stoked to get that wave”

On that note, we’ll be back with more tomorrow. Hopefully, the wind and weather settles down a tad. Until then, here’s a few photos from yesterday evenings surf at Rocky Point, when the conditions were actually manageable.

Damien Hobgood. Photo: Stafford/SPL

Gavin Gillette. Photo: Stafford/SPL

Dege O'Connell. Photo: Stafford/SPL

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Dane Reynolds en route to the highest heat score of the day. Photo: ASP

Above: Photos from day 3 of the Vans World Cup Of Surfing

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