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December 2nd, 2011

6:05 PM

As it often happens on the North Shore, the weather and waves took a drastic turn—from overcast and funky to sunny and epic in a matter of hours. Sunset turned on (in time for John Florence to smash his last three heats and win the Vans World Cup), as did OTW and Backdoor—where Reef McIntosh scratched into, and came flying out of, what many have coined the ‘Wave of the Winter’ thus far. And he wasn’t the only one. Jamie O’Brien and Julian Wilson also bagged a few bangers.

Here's a frame grab from this evenings surf. There's a few good clips where this came from.

Finally! It’s about time those waves (and claims) start pouring in. Typically, we have a dozen or so best-wave-of-the-winter nominees before Thanksgiving. This winter started slow, but with solid swell lines forecast to continue marching towards Hawaii over the next 10 days, December is looking like a banger.

Tomorrow looks like light trades and clean, diminished (but still well overhead) swell, and has the potential to be one of those days where everywhere from Haleiwa to Sunset fires. Fingers crossed! We’ll let you know what we see in the morning…

Jamie O'Brien. Photo: Stafford/SPL

Unknown, setting up to score at backdoor just before dark. Photo: Stafford/SPL

2:20 PM

For the second straight day, a funky North wind is giving the North Shore a serious bout of  all day morning sickness—and once again, Sunset is the only place making sense of the powerful, wind torn swell. Fortunately for those guys still left in the O’Neill World Cup, the slightly diminished surf is hitting the reef much better today, and guys like John Florence, Ola Eleogram, Raoni Monteiro, and CJ Hobgood are taking full advantage.

At the moment the Semi Finals are set to hit the water in cleaning surf, with a few wide open barrels unloading on the inside bowl. To watch the action live click here, and we’ll have another update as the day unfolds.

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