Julian Wilson Lands The Cover Of TransWorld SURF

Julian Wilson. Photo: Jason Kenworthy

Julian Wilson. Photo: Jason Kenworthy

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Julian Wilson. Photo: Kenworthy

Julian Wilson Lands The Cover Of TransWorld SURF

Behind The Cover
Surfer: Julian Wilson
Location: Bali
Photographer: Jason Kenworthy

How do you follow up one of the gnarliest covers ever seen on a surf magazine? That’s what the TransWorld SURF staff asked ourselves when it came time to pick the front page of this issue. We knew there was no way to one-up the Nathan Fletcher cover on a gnar-scale, so we decided early on that we needed an air or a turn. In the closing days of this issue, we put out an APB for a cover that would produce a similar “holy shit” reaction to the Nathan cover, but do it for different reasons.

When this shot of Julian Wilson came in, we passed by it fairly quickly, “That’s a bail,” was the first reaction—but just after nearly tossing this image in the bail bin, photographer Jason Kenworthy sent a text message: “That last air shot I sent has a sequence, it’s a make.” Problem solved, we had our cover.

Picking covers is always tough. The factors are endless, but simply put, you need the cover to be the right surfer, at the right time, doing the right move. Pretty safe to say all these parameters are spoken to in this cover image. Julian Wilson is on an absolute tear on the World Tour right now and has a shot at 2011 Rookie Of The Year—right surfer, right time, right move. The air Julian is doing is exactly what we wanted. This massive air is a thing of beauty. While we can appreciate the difficulty and popularity of the full rotation 360 air, there’s something really sick about a perfectly executed frontside straight—a subtle maneuver that is arguably more difficult to make look good than its spinning brethren.—Chris Coté

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Julian Wilson

Julian Wilson on the cover of TransWorld SURF. Photo: Kenworthy

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