Freshwater Fun In The Great Lakes

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It's safe to say that on September 30th 2011, the waves were better in Wisconsin than in Southern California. Wisconsin ripper Will Wall. Photo: Burton (yes, I told him to invest in a better camera)

After a storm kicks up surf that registered over 20-feet on Lake Michigan weather buoys, the Great Lakes region enjoys its first swell of the season. From New York to Wisconsin, above are a few photos the freshwater bros sent in…

Stony Point, Minnesota. Photo: Luke Kavajecz

Stony Point, Minnesota. Photo: Luke Kavajecz

Random freshwater tidbits:
-You don’t float as well in freshwater so a lot of the guys ride buoyant epoxy boards or wide fishes.
-There’s more coastline on the Great Lakes than the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean (in the USA) combined.
-The lakes generally freeze over in the winter and dodging chunk of ice is common before the big freeze.
-Thunder Bay on Lake Superior is considered the “North Shore” of freshwater surfing.