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The Art Of Flight
Red Bull/Brain Farm
Travis Rice and his crew flipped the shit on the snowboard world in 2008 when they released That’s It, That’s All. Well now, they have more helicopters, more cameras, more money, and seemingly more balls to go and bomb crazy hills and do flips off trees and shit. Probably a moot point to tell you that The Art Of Flight is rad, ’cause every person you know, has already told you that 10 times, but yeah, it’s pretty rad.

The Donkeys
Born With Stripes
Dead Oceans
This San Diego four piece (which can be heard in the 3D montage of Surprise Excitement Party) plays a brand of music that is very fitting to the city it comes from. Part indie rock, part Americana alternative, The Donkeys have put together an album that is compelling and casually sprawling from start to finish. Think Pavement meets Wilco with a nice dash of Crosby, Stills, and Nash thrown in the mix.

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