Behind The Cover With Reef McIntosh

Reef McIntosh at oversized Cloudbreak. Photo: Russo

Reef McIntosh at oversized Cloudbreak. Photo: Russo

Behind The Cover Of The New Issue With Reef McIntosh

Tavarua, Fiji
Shot by Daniel Russo
Shot with a Nikon DS3 w/ a 50mm lens

Sometimes it takes more than skill to get the cover shot. In the case of this month’s cover, it came down to a few beatings, an accidental change in position, some luck, and a whole lot of balls. At the end of the session, on the biggest day of the biggest swell to hit Cloudbreak in decades, Daniel Russo, who was the lone swimmer of the photo crew (as in, not shooting photos from a boat in the safety of the channel), was caught by a big set wave and pushed further in to the danger zone than he would have liked to be. “I was shooting with a 50 mm lens,” says Russo, “so I had to be a lot closer to the action than I actually wanted to be—it was really big out there.”

Just as Russo realized he was in a bad spot, he looked toward the horizon to see his friend and travel partner Reef McIntosh coming right at him like he was the hood ornament on an out-of-control freight train. “I saw Reef coming at me and I just held my ground and tried my best to frame the shot. As he passed me, I went through the wave and then saw another huge one right behind it. I got hammered by a few big ones before making it back to the boat—this was the last shot I took of the swell, and it turned out to be one of the best.”

Russo made it through unscathed, but Reef met the reef shortly after this photo was taken and had to got to the island for a fresh batch of stitches. Forty-five minutes later, Russo showed Reef the shot and that turned Reef’s mood from bad to good. “Well,” Reef smiled. “I guess it was worth getting stitches.”

Getting a few stitches is well worth the price for a cover of TransWorld SURF. Reef knows the staff at TransWorld are all huge San Diego Charger fans as well, and with football season starting, it didn’t hurt that Reef was repping our home team. Go Chargers! Go Reef!

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