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20-year old Aussie charger Dean Bowen after meeting the reef last night at Teahupo‘o.

20-year old Aussie charger Dean Bowen after meeting the reef last night at Teahupo‘o.

End Of The Road Blog: Final Post
Dean Bowen And Keala Kennelly Get Licked By The Reef, Teahupo‘o Turns Into A Ghost Town And The Waves Continue To Fire.

“It was a pretty west and I was coming out but something hit me and I fell. It was so low tide out there I was on the reef right away,” said the sturdy 20-year old who looks more like a footy player than a pro surfer. “I was seeing white and didn’t know where I was, mate.” Dean spent a few hours at the hospital in Taravao before coming back to the Maoni compound, sore and cut to hell but back to his usual smiling self.

Keala Kennelly wasn’t as lucky though. Apparently she cut her head, near her eye, pretty bad. She was rushed away really quick so I’m not sure exactly what happened. Hopefully she’s gonna make a full recovery. Best wishes KK.

The tiny village of Teahupo‘o is a ghost town today. Pretty much everyone has packed up and left, leaving Teahupo‘o to its sleepy self. I had a surf this morning at about 8am and there were four dudes out; two local boogies, a Brazilian photographer, and this guy Pretamo who’s the head judge for the ASP. It was four-foot and super west with the occasional six-footer coming through, just enough to keep you on your toes and a bit nervous. After a couple hours of sharing barrels, I came in and helped Dean with his cuts. Dr. Justin was scrubbing his bare ass with betadine and some other cream, then taping sterile gauze to the numerous cuts. The irony of both Dean’s and KK’s injuries are that they occurred after the two had towed into absolute monsters on Saturday. Teahupo‘o giveth and Teahupo‘o taketh.

We’d like to thank all the people here who make Tahiti hands down the best place in the world:
-The Maoni’s put us up every year and are like family. We love you Mami and Papi!
-Raimana Van Bastolaer is always a huge help and the smile never leaves his face (unless you break a Hinano bottle in his boat, sorry man).
-The Tahitian Water Patrol are lifesavers to not only the surfers, but also anyone else who finds themselves in spot of trouble in the water.
-Jonathan Reap at the Tahitian Tourism Board for his service. If you ever have the chance to come here, do it, you can get the wave of your life on any given day.
-A huge “maururu” goes out to Billabong, they really take good care of the media while we’re here in Tahiti and take on a huge expenditure to run the Billabong Pro Tahiti.
-Papara Steve for the good times and laughs.
-Stormin’ Norman for letting me hang out on his boat during the big day.
-All the local boys for sharing your beautiful surf spot with us, Teahupo‘o Boyz #1!
-And lastly thanks to all the surfers who put on such a show, it was a treat to watch and an experience I’ll never forget.

Sorry to anyone we forgot, see you next year!

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