Bruce Irons Lands The Cover Of TransWorld SURF

Bruce Irons all lit up in the Mentawais. Photo: Kenworthy/A-Frame

Bruce Irons all lit up in the Mentawais. Photo: Kenworthy/A-Frame

Bruce Irons’ Flares Up—Without Photoshop
Photo by Jason Kenworthy/S-Frame

In case the uniqueness of the cover image didn’t tip you off, this was one of the most creative trips a surf mag has ever seen. Miles above the standard Indo boat trip, where the crews surf Macaronis, Lance’s, and Green Bush and calls it a day.

Stab magazine’s Sam McIntosh thought up a bevy of accessories to throw into the mix, including Ping-Pong balls, smoke bombs, and local kids posing with video and sound equipment in their canoes. And of course, flares, which is what produced the fiery red image of Bruce Irons that inspired you to pick up this magazine and crack it open.

So, the flare: They fixed it to the back of Bruce’s board, waited for the dusk light to expire into the Indian Ocean, and then lit what amounts to a legal firework. The flare attempt was meant specifically for Bruce, aiming for a cover shot. But with how challenging the lighting situation was and the fact that he could only get one wave per flare meant that it was far from a gimme.

Even though there was a big team of experienced photogs on the boat, Jason Kenworthy was the one who nailed it, thanks in part to recently shooting a lot of low-light surf photography for Nike’s Chosen campaign. And you heard right, there ain’t no Photoshop on this thing, just a flare, a Canon Mark IV, and some good old-fashioned creativity.—Chris Coté

Catch Bruce and the rest of the Red Bull “Minor Threat” boat trippers in the article “The Trip Of A Lifetime” on page 88 of the October 2011 issue of TransWorld SURF. Also included in this issue is the official program to the 2011 Quiksilver Pro New York!

October 2011 Departments

Ed Note: A massive shred attack.
Letters: Chris gets left behind.
True Stories: A crazy Hawaiian car chase.
Currents: Like 60 Minutes, but about surf stuff.
Mess And Noise: Bruce goes rocket surfing.
Ask The Expert: Buy a piece of Pipeline?
How To: Adriano’s amazing front flip.
How To: Navigate your way around the Quiksilver Pro New York.
Surf Science: New no-tool-needed fin system.
Quivers: JOB’s Minor Threat rip stick setup.
Go There: No, it’s not Indo, it’s the Great Lakes.
Check Out: Koa Rothman is a man.
Departure: One last look…
Last Words: The one and only Bruce Irons.

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