Rusty And Jack’s Surfboards Join The TWS Model Search Fray

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Disregard her weird swimsuit and take in the winner's perfect rear. Congrats to Ashley Valenzuela! Photo: Lassiter

Rusty And Jack’s Surfboards Join The TransWorld SURF Model Search Fray

It seems like everybody wants to be named Miss TransWorld SURF these days and who are we to deny them? That said, we joined forces with Jack’s Surfboards and Rusty this past Saturday on the corner of Main and PCH for a Model Search like no other. The street was packed with people screaming for their favorite girl and battling for product toss gear. Somehow we managed to avoid a riot. It was a tough choice but when the dust settled the judges (Rusty team riders Nate Yeomans, Josh Kerr, and myself) chose San Diego’s Ashley Valenzuela and she was awarded $500 worth of Rusty gear and a future appointment in our photo studio…

Ashley Valenzuela. Photo: Lassiter

Ashley Valenzuela. Photo: Lassiter