Spy’s 3rd Annual Pier Bull

Spy’s 3rd Annual Pier Bull

The gang at SPY loaded up the van and delved deep into the Orange Curtain, Main St. Huntington Beach. After pushing our way through the hacky sackers and pit-bull walking brosephs, we made our way to Black Bull Chophouse where we brought a little country to the beach. Only this time it came in the form of a mechanical bull riding competition with a few of our favorite OC retailers.

HSS, Jack’s Surfboards, Surfside Sports, and Kanvas By Katin all showed up for a night that some of us here only remember part of. But from what we do remember, things got buck wild!

After a quick product clinic it was off to the ranch for some friendly competition Urban Cowboy style. We pitted these surf industry giants against each other in a good ol’ fashioned mechanical bullriding contest. This mechanical bull took its fair share of victims leaving them battered, bruised, and bloody.

This year it was the ladies who brought their best (Possibly because the bull operator enjoyed watching them) posting some very impressive times while hanging on for dear life. The competition was fierce and furious with a crowd of 70+ hooting and hollering the entire time.

It was HSS that came to play taking home the victory and bragging rights for the next 12 months. They would have taken home the Bull Horns had some other store not stolen them when they realized they had been beat. We stuck around for an epic 80’s cover band and cut the rug till the lights came on. We are all a little worse for the wear, but SOMEBODY has to bring the party, right?

Special thanks to the Blackbull Chophouse, Kanvas By Katin, Jack’s, Surfside Sports, and HSS for bringing out the energy. I would also like to thank Patron for assisting in my time travel last night and showing me that you don’t need a Delorian to wake up in the future.—Hendo

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