Kolohe Andino Lands The Cover Of TransWorld SURF


Behind The Cover: Kolohe Andino’s Last-Minute Banger

Covers are either the first or last page we pick for the magazine. In the case of this month’s cover, we waited until a few days before we shipped the magazine off to the printer to pick the cover. Kolohe Andino is one of the most photogenic surfers on Earth, and we had an insane variety of shots, but the one that kept sticking out in our heads was the noseblunt fin waft you see in front of you. The interesting thing about this shot is how it made its way to our cover.

Just before the crew of the Red Bull ‘Minor Threat’ trip set sail on the Indies Trader in early June, we told all four (yep, four) photographers on board that we were looking for a cover of Kolohe. The boat has internet capabilities, but it’s spotty at best, and sending images across the web proved harder than we thought it was going to be. During the daylight hours, the surfers were surfing and the photographers were shooting. From dusk through midnight the huge crew gobbled up every last drop of bandwidth Facebooking, Twittering, looking at porn, or whatever else you do while on a boat full of 20 dudes for two weeks. Needless to say, large photo files couldn’t be sent during normal working hours. The photographers ended up having to set their alarms for the middle of the night and take turns sending photos, and even then, the huge files took hours to load and didn’t always work—it was a clusterf—k, but at the midnight hour, this photo came in and was exactly what we were looking for.

Ryan Miller was in the right place at the right time, and he nailed the shot.

We generally never pick our cover surfer before we see shots, but when it came to Kolohe Andino’s Pro Spotlight issue, we couldn’t have put any other surfer in that spot. Kolohe Andino is an amalgamation of everything surfing has become—he is our sport’s poster child, and now, he is TransWorld SURF’s latest cover boy. Better yet, cover man.—Chris Coté

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