Surfing Madonna Removed At Night

Encinitas’ Surfing Madonna Removed At Night

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ENCINITAS — Crews on Wednesday night removed the Surfing Madonna mosaic from the base of a train bridge on Encinitas Boulevard. The removal began at 9 p.m. and ended at 10:50 p.m.

The city of Encinitas and artist Mark Patterson had announced Tuesday that the unauthorized stained-glass piece would come down “as soon as possible” but did not specify a date or time.

“It’s moving forward, it’s happening,” Patterson said as it was occurring, adding that there was no damage to the piece. Tekton Master Builders was the contractor for the removal. Sheriff’s deputies closed Encinitas Boulevard from Coast Highway 101 to Vulcan Avenue to give workers room to take down the mosaic.

As a crowd gathered to watch, some expressed disappointment. Hilda Oatley, a 44-year Encinitas resident, was driving by and pulled over when she saw workers at the site. “When I saw the lights, I felt in my heart, ‘Why?’ It’s really beautiful. They really should have just left it alone,” she said.

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