Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts For A Rad Dad

Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts For A Rad Dad
5 products that will make your kid think you’re rad.

Kids these days have so many kick ass toys. So Dad’s need to keep up, here are five gifts you can get your Dad, or, if you’re a Dad, buy these things for yourself to celebrate YOUR day.—Chris Cote

Electric “Tiny Terror” Cooler Bag
Every dad needs a cooler, the Electric Tiny Terror Cooler is an especially good pick because it fits enough daddy juice to last a long day at the beach and it’s not a pain in the ass to carry around while lugging all the gear your wife and kids demand for a day at the beach.

Team Associated SC10 RS
Want to be the envy of every kid on your street whether they’re yours or not? I know I do, that’s why I just bought myself an ass kicking 1:10 scale short course RC truck! This thing is faster than hell, easy to drive, and is durable, unlike the RC cars we used to have as kids. My son thinks daddy’s racecar is the coolest thing ever, he even talks about it in his sleep.

Bumbleride Indie Twin

Aren’t strollers for moms? Not this one. This badass twin stroller is a dad’s dream, even if you only have one kid. I put my kid on one side, my cooler on the other, and all my other beach gear in the storage space underneath the seats. I also have a bumper sticker that says, “my stroller’s better than your stroller”, ‘cause it is.

Nixon’s “The TPS”
When you’re a dad, you need enough volume on your music to drown out the complaints and critiques your wife throws at you all day, The TPS is just the speaker for your beach day or man cave. It’s super portable, has a rechargeable lithium battery, and looks pretty damn modern and cool.

Volcom Pistol BBQ Set
Dad’s on the grill—back off or someone’s getting their eyebrows burnt off. For years I’ve been wearing my wife’s pink and blue Betty Crocker apron while BBQing. Dudes laugh at me and I look ridiculous. Well, now that I have the Pistol BBQ set, I am the most bad ass looking grill master on the street! Screw you Betty Crocker apron!