Malia Manuel Lands The Cover Of TransWorld SURF

Kauai's Malia Manuel on the cover of the August 2011 issue of TransWorld SURF. Photo: Kenworthy/A-Frame

Kauai's Malia Manuel on the cover of the August 2011 issue of TransWorld SURF. Photo: Kenworthy/A-Frame

Behind The Cover Of The “Women’s Issue” With Malia Manuel
Shot at “Pit Stops” in the Mentawai Islands, Sumatra, Indonesia
Photo: Jason Kenworthy/A-Frame

This is our second annual Women’s Issue. We got a mad flood of amazing images from Australia, but we really wanted to push for another female cover, and when we saw this lip launch by Malia Manuel, we knew it was too good to pass up. But how did this wonder of women’s surfing imagery go down? We went straight to the source to find out.

“During this session, Lakey [Peterson] and Malia were having an aerial duel,” says photographer Jason Kenworthy. “This wave is so rippable, and this was one of the sessions that made me realize that we needed to make a girls’ movie.”

Getting sick surf shots of girls isn’t easy, especially shots that are cover worthy; Kenworthy knows this well. “The girls don’t surf for as long as the boys,” he remembers. “It’s a little bit different of a mind-set because guys tend to just grind it out and surf for hours on end. The girls I shoot with take breaks, rest, and keep to a schedule.”

While it may be easier to get multiple banging shots of men, the girls have a little something extra on the waves: sex appeal. “The girls are feminine and pretty on their boards,” says Kenworthy. “That adds to the photo right off the bat. So when they do something radical, it’s icing on the cake.”

Malia Manuel is icing the cake of many a grom’s surf fantasy. Well done, young lady, well done.

Check out Malia and the rest of the women’s surfing revolution in the feature “10 Questions You Would Never Ask A Female Surfer” in the August issue of TransWorld SURF.

In the August 2011 issue of TransWorld SURF:

Is It Hard To Surf With Boobs?
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The Long Weird Road
What happens when you put a weird bunch of frothing shred heads from team Vans into a motor home loaded with tents, guitars, surfboards, booze, and a whole lot of free time? You get more than 1,000 miles’ worth of good times and great stories. Hop in the RV, it’s time to get weird.

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No continent on Earth is as photogenic for surfing as Australia is, and here’s the proof.

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