The 2011 Kandui Chronicles

2011 Kandui Chronicles: Day 1

“Go Ahead, Go Shred.”

Welcome back to the “Kandui Chronicles” a daily blog that follows the annual Billabong Surf With A Pro at Kandui Resort in the Mentawais! There are about 18 of us in total here from all walks of life gathered onto one beautiful island way out in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Last year Donovan Frankenreiter and Dave Rastovich were the pros of the trip, this year, Shane Dorian has replaced Donovan and Rasta should arrive tomorrow. We had our first surf this morning with some of the crew heading to “Burgerworld” and Shane and a few guys surfing a spot called “Pistols”.

I was in the Burgerworld boat that left just as the sun was coming up. Burgerworld is kind of like a last resort out here, but really fun when it’s small like today. The highlight of the session was surfing with the one and only Chandler from the classic surf movie North Shore. Yep, that Chandler aka the famous actor Gregory Harrison. He still looks the same and didn’t bat an eye when I yelled across the channel, “Chandler! Is that really you?” He was like, “It’s Gregory, but yeah, I played Chandler.” After fanning out a bit too much on him I regained composure and chatted with him for a bit. He’s a super nice dude and really down to Earth. I couldn’t resist spitting out the classic line, “Go ahead, go shred,” as a set approached, and sure enough, he shredded it. Dude is legit!

Anyway, super stoked to be out here with a cool crew and looking forward to making some new friends. There are also some promising looking swells lined up so cross your fingers for us…like we’re not lucky enough already.

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