The 2011 Kandui Chronicles

Billabong Surf With A Pro: Day 2 At Kandui Resort In The Mentawais

The coolest art about these Billabong Surf With A Pro trips isn’t so much the pros—it’s the bros. On this trip, we’ve got a crazy range of people from all walks of life. “Shaka” is from Maui and looks like he hasn’t left the beach ion 30 years. A couple of the dudes are from the Gulf Coast of Florida and are the biggest frothers ever and will surf all day long if the conditions are right (which they haven’t been yet). We’ve got one girl with us, Tiffany, who’s eyes got so fried yesterday she thinks we’re all as good looking.

Surf wise, we’re kind of in a holding pattern waiting for swell and ideal winds. This morning the whole lot of us surfed Bankvaults and Nipussi, two rights right next to each other and about a twenty-minute boat ride from Kandui. Bankvaults was chunky and the wind was wrong but it was well overhead and there was the odd tube to be had. Not by me though. That wave has it out for me—in previous trips I’ve broken two boards out there and generally had the shit kicked out of me every single time I’ve surfed it. Today was uneventful though—maybe she’s sick of me and looking for another poor sap to beat up on.

Apparently there was an earthquake off Java (news travels slow out here) last night but we didn’t feel a thing. A tsunami warning was issued as well but thankfully nothing came of it.

A few of the crew are heading out to Four Bobs now, so I may have to charge up the GoPro 3D rig and try to get a few clips for your upcoming viewing pleasure…

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