The 2011 Kandui Chronicles

Billabong Surf With A Pro At Kandui: Day 4

Back To Burgerworld…

With little swell in the water and no wind the entire crew hit up Burgerworld for the morning session. With four charter boats in the channel and a couple more from a different land camp, I’m pretty sure every surfer in the Mentawais was out there today. Despite the crowd everybody seemed to get their fair share of shredding in. Burgerworld at two-foot is an amazingly fun wave and a great way to spend a “flat” day.

The star of the session was Dave Rastovich ripping his 6’6” alaia. Dude was spinning and carving the finless plank like he was on a dance floor—it was really fun to watch the zen master in action again. He claims to have not ridden one since last year at this time but I have my doubts. Whether you’re a fan of the Alaia or not, you can’t argue the fact that they are damn near impossible to ride, so props to Rasta.

We just came back from a little demo of a project Shane Dorian is working on that aims to increase safety in big surf. It’s still in the R&D phase but is basically a wetsuit that inflates with air when you pull a ripcord. More on that in the near future…

The crew is all settled in and definitely on “island time.” The first day everyone was coffeed up and ready go at first light but now that it’s day 4 we’re on cruise control. The swell we’ve spotted on the charts is still looking promising so hopefully you’ll be seeing photos of Nokandui and Rifles in a few days and not Burgerworld again. But for the moment that’s what we’re looking at and nobody is complaining about that!

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