The 2011 Kandui Chronicles

Billabong Surf With A Pro At Kandui Resort: Day 5

With yet another terrible day of three foot and glassy surf, a few of the crew decided to go spearfishing while the others surfed Burgerworld. I joined the killing crew and after a lap around the island we had a cooler full of fish. Like a million other fish tales, the one that got away (a 15lb. trevally) is still haunting me but I did nail a 10lb. sweetlips grouper that eased the pain of losing the other a bit more bearable.

After three hours of that, our guide for the day, Laidi, went off on his own (without the rookies) and proceeded to plug three dogtooth tuna and a trevally near Hideaways. Laidi is the man and thanks to him we are about to rip into a platter full of sashimi…terima kasih Laidi!

As far as the surf, the boys (and girl) went back to Burgerworld and ripped into perfect three footers. It’s wasn’t heaving Nokandui or 17-second tubes at Rifles but in the grand scheme of things, Burgerworld at three foot is amazingly rippable and well worth the 45-minute voyage from Kandui Resort.

It’s now Bintang thirty and the crew is gathered in the bar/restaurant to recount the day…and yep, that 10lb. sweetlips has somehow grown to 15lbs. in the last hour.

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