The 2011 Kandui Chronicles

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I got caught inside on one of the biggest sets of the day and accidentally left the camera running…

Billabong Surf With A Pro At Kandui Resort: Day 8

With claims of “all time” and Bintangs flowing freely we’re all sitting in the Kandui Bar right hooting and hollering as we watch a slideshow from today’s action. It was simply amazing today at Rifles. Rasta got a 10-second barrel, Shane Dorian was doing double arm stalls on 8-foot bombs, and just about everybody on the trip got the best waves of their lives.

I got smashed on a few early and decided to grab the 3D GoPro rig and shoot some video. So stoked I did, too—pretty much nailed clip after clip of the boys scoring until I couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed the 6’3″ Firewire for some kegs of my own.

After seven hours in the water today and dinner just getting served, the Kandui Chronicles are done for the day, enjoy the pics and start saving your pennies so you can get out here soon…

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