Behind The Cover: Clay Marzo

Clay Marzo in Peru as seen on the cover of the new issue of TransWorld SURF. Photo: Stafford/SPL

Clay Marzo in Peru as seen on the cover of the new issue of TransWorld SURF. Photo: Stafford/SPL

Behind The Cover: Clay Marzo’s Peruvian Nosepick

In late January, a monster swell reared up in the North Pacific that had Quiksilver In Memory Of Eddie Aikau invitees waxing up their rhino chasers and gathering in the pre-dawn hours at Waimea Bay waiting for the call. At the same time over on Maui, a thought bubble popped into Clay Marzo’s head that read something to the effect of, ‘Eddie Swell equals perfect lefts in northern Peru—call Cristobal!’

After contacting Titi De Col (one of the most respected surfers in Peru and father to Quiksilver team rider Cristobal De Col) the trip was green lighted and tickets were hastily purchased. After a week of surfing from sunrise to sunset, the crew was exhausted and satisfied with what we had as far as photos—we’d nailed it by then. On our last day, we were all lounging around the De Col compound watching these fun looking waves come in right out in front but in no rush to paddle out. At 11am it started to get pretty hot so the most logical thing to do was go mess around out front.

Clay was complaining about his board and not too happy with the way he was surfing and just about ready to call it a trip when a few bigger sets started rolling through. Somewhere in his brain, a switch was flipped. With fins flying all over the place and hoots coming from every angle, “Gnarzo” went into an absolute frenzy of ripping.

I was sitting next to Strider Wasilewski in the channel when Clay did this nose pick—we looked at each other and just started laughing—totally blown away by him yet again. TWS’ senior photographer Seth Stafford is never one to get too excited, and this was the first time he’d broke out the pole cam, but you could see in his face as he looked at the images on his computer afterward that he had something special.

A big thanks goes out to the De Col’s for their hospitality and the local surfers for sharing their waves with us—we couldn’t have done it without you!—Justin Coté

In this issue (Volume 13 #5) of TransWorld SURF:


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