TransWorld SURF’s ASP World Tour Power Rankings


Welcome to the first edition of the TransWorld SURF 2011 ASP World Tour Power Rankings! After every stop on the World Tour this year we’ll be breaking down the shredding of the world’s best and grading their performance.

The first contest of the year, the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast, just wrapped up in Coolangatta, Australia and wouldn’t you know, Kelly Slater won. It was the champ’s 46th career win at the ripe old age of 39. Before you trademark the phrase “Ke11y Slater” keep in mind that Taj Burrow could have beaten Slater if only he had a chance—the waves basically stopped coming in during the final. And it’s not only Taj hot on Slater’s heels; Jordy Smith is right there and has a bigger bag of tricks than the old salt.

Did we nail it or blow it? As always, leave your comments!

kelly slater.jpg
Kelly Slater
1 1 The kids keep trying and old man Kelly keeps smoking ‘em. Is it too early to write “Ke11y”? Probably not, the dude is a dream crusher.
taj burrow.jpg
Taj Burrow
2 2 If the waves had been better for the final of the Quiksilver Pro, Taj could very well be sitting in the #1 slot.
jordy smith.jpg
Jordy Smith
3 3 The big Saffa didn’t surf as well as he can and still got 3rd. It’s scary to think about his future.
tiago pires.jpg
Tiago Pires
4 3 His Portuguese power act worked at Snapper but can it sustain him through the year?
matt wilkinson.jpg
Matt Wilkinson
5 5 The guy having the most fun (getting perms and rollerblading to heats) on tour is also one of the funnest to watch.
brett simpson.jpg
Brett Simpson
6 5 Apparently Simpo isn’t just a US Open specialist. He will be tested at Pipe and Teahupo’o but that’s about it.
dusty payne.jpg
Dusty Payne
7 5 If Dusty had Mick Fanning in every heat he’d be world champ by now.
alejo muniz.jpg
Alejo Muniz
8 5 The Brazilian rookie was a giant killer at Snapper. Can he maintain the pace? Probably not.
joel parkinson.jpg
Joel Parkinson
9 9 What is Parko doing down here? A mental slip up against Jordy Smith cost him big at Snapper.
Adrian Buchan.jpg
Adrian “Ace” Buchan
10 9 One of the smartest and most likeable dudes on tour, Ace is also a lethal competitor in almost all conditions.
adriano desouza.jpg
Adriano De Souza
11 9 Not the prettiest surfer on tour to watch—but you can’t discount his determination, passion, and confidence.
michel bourez.jpg
Michel Bourez
12 9 Nobody turns faster or with more power than Bourez. If he mixes in a few airs he could rank even higher.
mick fanning.jpg
Mick Fanning
13 13 This is not a typo, and yes, Tiago Pires is currently rated higher than “While Lightning.”
julian wilson.jpg
Julian Wilson
14 13 Julian and his mega-contracts are going to be around for a long time.
owen wright.jpg
Owen Wright
15 13 2010 Rookie Of The Year looked too tall in the draining little rights at Snapper when the tide got low. He’ll rebound at Bells.
josh kerr.jpg
Josh Kerr
13 2 One of the bet free surfers in the world, Kerrzy was uncharacteristically conservative in his matchup against Ace Buchan at Snapper.
adam melling.jpg
Adam Melling
17 13 The reincarnation of Mick Fanning sputtered against Michel Bourez in waves that suited his style of surfing perfectly.
kai otton.jpg
Kai Otton
18 13 His determination, heat smarts, and power make up for lack of great style.
fred patacchia.jpg
Fred Patacchia
19 13 Has the power surfing down pat, but not every stop is gonna be 8-foot and perfect.
heitor alves.jpg
Heitor Alves
20 13 Fit and fast but needs help with rail-to-rail surfing.
jadson andre.jpg
Jadson Andre
21 13 That bouncing between turns has got to stop.
dan ross.jpg
Dan Ross
22 13 As witnessed at Snapper, it’s tough for tall guys to keep up with the Dusty Payne’s of the tour in small surf.
bede durbidge.jpg
Bede Durbidge
23 24 A shocking second round loss to Matt Banting at Snapper is an anomaly. Bede will climb the ratings.
pat gudauskas.jpg
Pat Gudauskas
24 24 Too young, too fit, too explosive, and too stoked to be rated this low.
damien hobgood.jpg
Damien Hobgood
25 24 Damo was looking great in warm ups but couldn’t get past Dusty Payne in round two.
bobby martinez.jpg
Bobby Martinez
26 24 Surfed well on his backside at Snapper but still lost to Brazil’s Heitor Alves. Back to Rincon for some Bells training…
cj hobgood.jpg
CJ Hobgood
27 24 Surfing without a major sponsor, CJ may have put too much pressure on himself at Snapper.
taylor knox.jpg
Taylor Knox
28 24 Was forced to surf in terrible waves at Snapper. Captain America should rebound at Bells—especially if there’s size.
chris davidson.jpg
Chris Davidson
29 24 Maybe if he toned down the partying he’d place higher? Nah, then he wouldn’t be “Davo.”
gabe kling.jpg
Gabe Kling
30 24 Has the talent to be ranked higher but seems to get unlucky in heats.
raoni monteiro.jpg
Raoni Monteiro
31 24 A nice style will only get you so far, like #31 far.
kieren perrow.jpg
Kieren Perrow
32 24 Byron Bay’s finest is gonna struggle against the young bucks in anything but big barrels.
jeremy flores.jpg
Jeremy Flores
33 24 A fight in the water at Burleigh followed up by a knee injury isn’t a great way to start the year for one of Europe’s best surfers.
dane reynolds.jpg
Dane Reynolds
34 24 Take a screen shot—this is the last time you’ll see Dane (who’s recovering from a knee injury) at the bottom of the power rankings.