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March 9

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You'd think the day after winning the Roxy Pro Carissa Moore would maybe take a morning off...think again! Our little BF is one motivated sista! Photo: Checky

Kelly Slater Wins The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast…Is It Too Early To Say S11ater?

By now the title has become redundant; “Kelly Slater Wins the (fill in the blank) Pro at (fill in every single tour stop because he’s won ‘em all)!”

Seriously, what do you want to hear? He’s the best surfer ever, most lethal competitor, and Jesus himself on a surfboard? It’s all been said a million times over.

And it’s all true.

Ever heard the Adam Ant song that goes “Don’t drink, don’t smoke, what do you do?” Well, Kelly don’t drink (much) and certainly don’t smoke. What he does do is win. Not Charlie Sheen smoking-seven-grams-of-crack-in-one-sitting winning. More like eating almonds, avoiding energy drinks, drinking smoothies, and getting seven second tube rides #winning. Smoke that Charlie. Learn from Him. By the way—Charlie don’t surf (another played out but ultimately true statement).

Anyway, I’ve got a sick batch of photos from our ace photogs to post. Read the captions, every photo has its own little story behind it…

Congrats to runner up Taj Burrow, semifinalists Tiago Pires and Jordy Smith, the ASP, and Quiksilver for an awesome kickoff to the 2011 World Tour. Pro surfing is headed in the right direction and we’re stoked to be along for the ride!

TransWorld SURF would like to thank the wonderful people of Australia for their hospitality, the Greenmount Surf Club for their humungous portions of great pub food, Corona for all the brewskis, JS Industries for the happy hour soirees, and especially Tony and the crew at Komune—our home away from home while in Australia. We love you all and can’t wait to see you again next year!—Justin Coté and the entire family at TransWorld SURF.

March 8
Late night

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Julian Wilson’s mom bought a pin and made a trophy for the night’s best bowler, it ended up going to Julian’s Brother, Seb. Here’s Taylor Knox and Owen Wright signing the trophy.

The Losers Round

The night before the final, when the quarterfinalists were in bed early, talking strategy, and dreaming of a big win the next day. A small group of “losers” did the opposite and went bowling. In my opinion, these people aren’t losers, in fact, if you ask me, they are #winning! (That’s a totally hot social media reference right there). It all went down at the Ten Pin Bowling Alley in Tweed Heads, Australia. It also happened that it was Julian Wilson’s older bro’s B Day! Happy Birthday Seb!—Chris Coté

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