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March 4


Above: Tahitian ASP World Tour surfer (and star of the upcoming TWS surf flick Surprise Excitement Party) Michel Bourez on Cote’s Cube…


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Derek Riley from Stab Magazine checks out the competition...

Okay this is getting ridiculous. With little surf and party after party going on, healthy livers are in short supply here. Last night, Stab Magazine teamed up with Nike 6.0 for a bash here at Komune. Team TransWorld was split into two groups until yesterday afternoon when Chris, Checkwood, the Coffin bros, their filmer Ryan, and Jack Freestone rolled into Coolie and joined the fray. Their arrival coincided with the party and lads couldn’t have been happier.

The surf is yet to do much of anything but according to reports there’s a good sized swell on the way. Tonight is Dean Morrison’s movie premiere down by Kirra—I’m pretty sure the whole town is going to show up for that one. After the year Dingo’s had (wife left him, dog died, fell off the tour, blew his knee out) there ought to be some pretty candid moments. As well, Dingo is one of the most-tubed human beings in the world. It all adds up for a banger of a flick.

All everyone can talk about is Charlie Sheen. “Let’s get Sheened!” “Tiger blood!” Given the debauchery going down, Charlie would fit right in.

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