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March 5


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Quick thinking and a bit of rain led to premiere organizers to pass out panchos for the crowd.

Above: Party pics from Dean Morrison’s movie premiere, A Dingo’s Tale.

Dingo’s movie was epic! Full of heavy life experiences and amazing surfing, it’s a must see. It premiered last night down at Kirra Surf, right near Kirra the surf spot, a place where Dingo’s has put on some of the finest displays of tube riding ever seen. As usual, the Corona’s were flowing freely and beautiful people packed the parking lot. The movie itself was played on the side of the building, which made for a cool (and really large format) viewing experience.

Above: Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew gets the crowd revved up with some Dingo stories…

The surf has finally kicked up a bit, spurred in part by a howling southerly wind that feels like it wants to blow our hotel over. The ladies of the Roxy Pro are currently shredding apart perfect little Snapper—it looks soooo fun. Stay tuned, we might actually post surf photos soon here…

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