Down Under Diaries

Feb 28


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Matt "Shaddy" Shadbolt from Electric leaps off the rope swing way up the Currumbin valley.

Today we made the most of a flat, hot, and windy day. The action kicked off at 4:30am when I met a friend at Palm Beach and went kayak fishing. As any old salt down here will tell ya, a northerly wind is bad for fishing but we went anyway. The fish got off easy today…but we will be back and ready to kill.

After a meeting (yes we manage to mix in a bit of the W word) with Dylan from Chili Surfboards we grabbed our old intern the Ranga aka Blake Kueny and the one and only Carissa Moore and took in some of Australia’s many natural wonders. Carissa is my new favorite human and I’ll just go ahead and make the call that she’s gonna be World Champ on of these days. Don’t let her sweetness fool ya—this girl is as competitive as all hell and here to win.

The afternoon inevitably led into a few beers at base camp, Komune, and before we knew it TWS senior photog Damea Dorsey was drinking all our beers and shooting portraits of Mitch Coleborn, Josh Kerr, Mitch Crews, Garrett Parkes, Erica and the Hosseini’s, and more.

With no surf on tap for at least a few days, the parties are scheduled perfectly; tomorrow night is Josh Kerr’s movie premiere and Dingo’s movie Friday. With two local boys hosting the festivities, expect blowouts of major proportions.

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