Sion Milosky Lands The Cover Of The New Issue Of TransWorld SURF

Sion Milosky at Pipeline on cover of newest TransWorld SURF

Behind The Cover

It’s hard to really say who “ruled the winter” on the North Shore this season, but if you’re talking top five guys that charged the shit out of every wave that came their way, Sion Milosky is most definitely on the top of that list. He was out and on it during every Pipe swell, charged hard at Rockpiles when it fired, and made time to eat, sleep, and even mount a camera to his board for a few select sessions.

“This was definitely one of the most memorable waves I got all season,” says Sion. “And now that it’s a cover, I’ll just remember it that much better! Thanks, TransWorld!”

This is actually the third time this wave has been in the magazine. Last issue, we had a double-angle, uncle-nephew shot of this wave, but that just wasn’t enough; Sion deserved a cover for all his hard work. This third angle came in from Daniel Russo, and Sion’s fate was sealed—he got the wave, we gave him the cover. See the little black square on his board? That’s a GoPro camera, and the footage from this wave is insane (watch it just above this text).

For more of Sion and the rest of the psychotic North Shore wave slayers, go to page 64 when you get your copy, and prepare to wet your pants.

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Tales From The North Shore

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The Surfrider Issue

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F—king Freezing

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Watch for The Surfrider Issue to hit newsstands February 15th.