Quivers: Nat Young’s NorCal Shred Sleds

Above: Santa Cruz slasher Nat Young breaks down his quiver of Channel Islands surfboards as seen in the new issue of TransWorld SURF Magazine. Filmed and edited by Blake Kueny.

Nat Young
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 145 lbs
Standard Shortboard Dimensions: 5’11” x 18 1/4” x 2 1/8”

TransWorld SURF: Shortboard dimensions are all over the map these days. What have you been doing with your shortboards?

Nat Young: Since I live near pointbreaks, it’s good to have more board in front of you. But at beachbreaks, it’s good to go smaller and wider. I tend to like boards that are the same size, 5’11”, I don’t like to go shorter. Some do, but the standard shortboard is pretty much all I use.

What about if the surf is tiny?

I have a few boards that I’ll use if the waves are small, basically just a few inches smaller and a bit wider. I’ll ride a Whip, or another one called a Cheese Stick, that’s Yadin Nicols’ model.

Your mom painted the board on the far right. She’s also done some others pros’ boards too, yeah?

She painted a few for Kelly Slater. There’s a design he has on his boards that’s green and blue circles, and she designed that. She’s done a few for Dane Reynolds, too. She just loves painting, so she’ll do a few every now and again. She does stained glass, so she’s artistic.

What’s been your favorite board of all time?

Maybe that first board on the far left, the Cold Water winner—that was one of my best boards ever. But actually, the one I got right before that was the first Channel Islands I ever had, and that one was one of the best boards of my life.

But you’re too big for it now?

Yeah, I was bummed to outgrow it. When I traded it back to Channel Islands, Parker Coffin got it and he said it was of his best boards ever, too.