2010: The Year In Covers

Dustin Barca

September 2010
Dustin Barca in Mainland Mexico

With California suffering through a miserable summer, all eyes turned south to Mexico where “May Gray” and “June Gloom” mean nothing. It wasn’t just Californians either, the bruddas from Hawaiian got wind of a perfect sand bottom pointbreak where access is difficult and the score ratio high and made the trip to Mexico as well. While Dustin Barca may ot know a lot of espanol, he knows a thing or two about busting airs. Photo: Noyle

Eric Geiselman

October 2010
Eric Geiselman in Bali
Here’s a little secret: If you’re in one of our movies, we’re going to be looking for cover worthy photos of you as the movie is being made. For instance, Eric Geiselman was one of the stars of High Five and lo and behold, he does a huge stalefish in Bali to nab the cover. Easy, right? Find out in this interview with Eric Geiselman. Photo: Nelly/SPL

Danny Fuller

November 2010
Danny Fuller in Java

It’s no secret that Kauai’s Danny Fuller is as talented as they come when it comes to barreling lefts, but what is secret, is where he and TransWorld SURF‘s Damea Dorsey scored this epic cover shot, “It was just me out there,” said Fuller upon return from his annual sojourn to Indonesia. “I’ve always dreamed about surfing perfect waves all by myself, but when it finally happened, I was like ‘Where is everyone?’ I was wishing there were some of my friends out there to share it with! I was looking over at Damea and just thinking, ‘Is this really happening right now?’” Photo: Dorsey
For the whole sequence and more from Fuller go to Danny Fuller Lands The Cover Of TWS

Dion Agius

December 2010
Dion Agius in Bali
In the December issue of TransWorld SURF we revealed the winner of the first ever Imaginarium Surf Photography contest. There were three teams that all drew from a hat three different colors from the CMYK color spectrum. The team from Globe picked magenta and jetted off to Bali with scantily clad models and aerial surfing in mind. Suffice to say the boys nailed the most unique photo of the year and went on to win the contest where they were awarded the cover shot. Photo: Jason Reposar.
For a behind the scenes video of the photo shoot head to UNGU.

Which cover was your favorite?

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