2010: The Year In Covers

Nate Yeomans

May 2010
Nate Yeomans in San Diego County

The winter of 2009/2010 went down in the record books in both California and Hawaii. With a full-blown El Niño in effect, the north Pacific was pumping out swell after swell. San Clemente’s Nate Yeomans and San Diego based photographer Anthony Ghiglia knew exactly where to go when yet another mid-week West swell lit up SoCal. Photo: Anthony Ghiglia

Dane Reynolds

June 2010
Dane Reynolds on the Gold Coast of Australia

This photo was shot at a certain Gold Coast swell magnet where just about every pro surfer within 100 miles of the joint was out ripping. Not Dane Reynold ripping, but ripping nonetheless. With esteemed Aussie photographer “Bosko” on the back of a Quiksilver chartered PWC, Bosko, Dane, and Kelly Slater slayed a peak way down the beach from most everyone else and came away (unsurprisingly) with the best photos of an all-star packed session. Watch the video from this day HERE.

Brian Conley

July 2010
Brian Conley in Mainland Mexico

We saved the best photos of the year for the Big Photo Book (Surfer Mag was pretty butt hurt when we unveiled our bigger format) and featured tube hunter Brian Conley on the cover. Holding his own camera in his hand, Conley was whipped into the wave—and onto the cover—with the help of a PWC. With nary a drop of water out of place, his hair whipping through the tubewind (a newly minted word that I just made up), and sunshine reflecting off the face of the wave and onto the subject; this is a one in a million shot. Photo: Brian Conley.
Watch an episode of Cote’s Cube where we surprise Conley with the cover.

Stephanie Gilmore

August 2010
Stephanie Gilmore

What surfer girl is more deserving of the cover than Four-Time ASP World Champion Stephanie Gilmore? Gilmore, who recently had a scare after being attacked by a metal bar wielding psychopath, is the first girl ever to land the cover of TWS. Taken down the coast from her Snapper Rocks stomping grounds, the photo perfectly illustrates the qualities that make Steph special; the style, the grace, and the big ass spray that had readers claiming we photoshopped it in—which was entirely untrue. Get well soon Champ! Photo: Bosko

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